Seeing a lot of impoverished people in Manila & Boracay makes me feel depressed because of the sheer number & their fast mobility. If i was dropped in a remote PH town of 1000 it would have been different as it wont give you an overwhelming sense of helplessness and it gives you hope that you could make a difference.

I share DU30’s repudiation of the US and EU. I can compare the situation to someone in a mansion (US &EU) and someone living in a small hut. The rich ones cant promote procreation to the poor one just because they have more room. Likewise, it is insulting for the rich ones to give their leftovers to the poor one to try to control their destiny. The improper application of high standards makes the rich ones arrogant and hypocrates and this is also reflected in the situations of the homeless and the ghettoes.

I just saw the ad on a PH television variety show for a grand finals for “Gwapulis”. Take that DU30!

A semi-retired person can justify the air-fare cost of going to PH for a month.

  1. Food ($400 vs $150) Savings of $250
  2. Medical & Dental ($1000 vs $500) Savings of $500
  3. 2 Massage + 1 Manipedi ($200 vs $30) Savings of $170
  4. Accomodation ($1000 vs $500) Savings of $500
  5. Haircut ($50 vs $10) Savings of $40
  6. 4 Movies ($50 vs $20) Savings of $30

Total savings is $1500 that would justify a ticket of same price. Caveat: You dont pay mortgage or rent at the other end.

Making this calculation has actually gave me an idea how to market PH.

This is also a wake-up call for me who would be semi-retired soon that prperties that require fixed payments should be liquidated as soon as possible and just keep a tiny house on a farm and then rent on a place that would give me employment.