“Choose happiness. Unless you feel you have a calling. A real calling.” – Thomas Wayne letter to Bruce Wayne/Batman, GOTHAM.

I rode the bus to Edmonton and read online news that UFC 216 will be in Edmonton on my birthday. Got excited but undecided if this will be my bday bash.

I rode city transit bus to West Edmonton Mall and was surprised that almost all the people in the packed bus were visible minorities, mostly Oriental.

I was dissapointed that the salt water aquarium was not there anymore and the lagoon is bare. I took the wrong bus going downtown which got me pissed and decided to cancel my tire pounding mission.

I was further dissapointed that the eclectic and bohemian Whyte Avenue is now very orderly and with the typical franchise stores. Small shops are gone. Artsy vibe is gone.

What was once rowdy, big deal, celebrations of Oilers hockey playoff games is now a whimper. A lot of police patrolling Whyte avenue. Few revellers. No troublemakers.

The greyhound bus depot downtown was transferred to the remote and less accessible Via Rail station. Another big inconvenience due to corporate cost cutting.

Im not happy at the trend that Canadian society is headed. Its turning into a country with few good ideas and putting more emphasis on irrelevant climate and gender issues. To create employment, it expands government and the empowered bureaucrats, in turn, try to mold society to their own liking. A restrictive boring society.

At best, Canada will be able to sustain this sick situation by incurring more debt and delaying the negative outcome.

And im not liking Albertans anymore. They are bad during the good times and even worse during down times, like some kind of money addiction.