“She was invited but she was not welcome” – from poster of newly released movie Beatriz At Dinner

First off, i hope not to ride greyhound in the US ever. It is a mess, and people who ride it are destitute, mostly black. And rental cars are expensive. And unlike Western US, people in the east look at hikers with backpacks like homeless or destitute people and look at them with extreme suspicion.The next time i travel to eastern US, i will bring a car and endure the long long drive.

There are a lot of similarities between St. Louis and Nashville. They both have professional hockey teams and they are wide and sprawling.

And both have obvious segregation of blacks. St. Louis has a metro train but those who ride it are all blacks. It is infuriating that a lot of black thugs are loitering the train stations. In the events i go to from Bonnaroo to the St. Louis concerts it looked like i was the only oriental. And Which oriental in his right mind will immigrate to these cities coz if one starts from the bottom, one will have to deal with the unsafe company of marginalized and angry blacks?

I went to the Whitaker jazz festival and the sheakespeare at the park in St. Louis and amazed at how almost everyone is white.

It is really really sad as well as frustrating to see this social, economic and racial inequality – the tensions, the ignorance and the stereotyping.

I think i realize why there are a lot of obese people in the US. Its coz food is cheap from oversupply and coz of cheap mexican and black labor. And food is delicious and unhealthy in the South.

St. Louis was the third biggest city in the Us at the turn of the century (1900) after NY and Chicago. But it looks like the investments just went to SF and LA and bypassed the gateway to the west (St. Louis). Even the title of “the gateway to the west” has now moved to Denver.

St. Louis’ illustrious past explains its wide and sprawling landscape and its old monumental buildings. But the density typical of other metropolis is not there. Huge old buildings stand alone.

Even its entertainment structures is old world – operas, theatres with musicals and jazz festivals. This makes this city more out of touch with modern tastes, unlike Nashville which able to sell Country music to mainstream america and is reaping from its popularity.

Unlike lethargic St. Louis, Nashville is bustling with construction and events and one could feel its mojo. Hotel prices in Nashville is outrageous while hotel prices in st louis is a bargain as such i was able to splurge at the city center hotel with huge rooms with living rooms and bubble bath tub at the price of a motel.

To illustrate, bunk bed space in Nashville hostel during events rises up to $80 but i got my huge cozy hotel in St. Louis for $72.

Three other good points for St. Louis is the botanical garden which is filled with diverse lush plants and the forest park which is huge and surrounded by huge beautiful colonial mansions.

I watched the movie “My Cousin Rachel” at St Louis’ oldest movie theatre- hipointe (one screen only). Saw the trailer for “Beatriz At Dinner” starring Salma Hayek. I commend the writer and director of this project. This is like a very important concept in my head that was able to be brought into the screen.