“American woman, get away from me. Dont come hangin around my door. Dont wanna see your face no more. I dont need your war machines. I dont need your ghetto scenes.” – from American Woman, song by Canadian band The Guess Who

Bonnaroo has been quite a good experience. Contrary to expectations, the kids at Bonnaroo have been nice and less rowdy than west coast kids. No hateful or rude episodes whatsoever.

While taking my selfies a lot would offer to take my picture. How sweet. (Or maybe, theyre not aware of selfies?)

I also realized that I cannot go toe-to-toe with the younger people anymore in terms of endurance and enthusiasm. My plans of becoming a caffeine induced zombie did not work & I short circuited at 1:00 AM instead of my planned 4:00 AM

I am planning to return to Bonnaroo but for next year, my sights are on Austin City Limits. I also enjoyed Nashville. This led me to conclude that if travelling to Eastern US, one should go to a touristy spot or an event where the majority are millenials. And this is due to the life-changing negativity i experienced in the American heartland.

Some things have been clearer on my trip from Nashville to Milwaukee.
There is real structural discrimination going on in the US. (Worst in the eastern half) .Though its mostly racial, it is also happening to white people and veterans who have fallen to the cracks. The older generation are the main perpetrators but this is also evident in some of the younger generation, perhaps at a lesser degree, on average. The melodrama of Hollywood movies do not depict the subtleties of these oppression and inequality.

Its now hard to erase from memory, the hateful looks directed at me by older white people. Seems like they assume that all racial minorities are there to settle and immigrate in their communities and need to “shoot” them without checking. If they think this is OK  then what other evil things are they capable of doing.

When, i was checking in at the plush hotel in downtown St. Louis, the receptionist kept asking about my car as if she cant believe someone without a car would check into the hotel.

In went to watch the movie “My Cousin Rachel” in St. Louis. I asked the attendant if its OK to go in the theatre with a backpack. Then he replies: “Not unless you are carrying a five-course meal”. He proceeds to guard me like im going to shoplift or something. When the movie was over he spots me carrying my popcorn trash and asks “Where are you taking that”. I replied, “To the garbage, we clean after ourselves.”

Then of course there was that spat i had with the car rental employee in Milwaukee. She disrespected the latina and the black guy who went ahead of me. When she vetted me, worse than the border guard, i let her have it and let her know her behaviour is unacceptable and it doesnt matter for me if i get a car or not. A really forgettable experience.