“It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such a shape that when or if the opportunities come, he is ready.” – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President

I am approaching my 1st Anniversary of my time “off” and i have to list the pros and cons of this “event” and other things ive learned.


1. It seemed to have stopped or even slightly reversed my then fast deteriorating health. The way im feeling now, especially in the heart health, it seems ive recovered at least 2 years of my lifespan. I can attribute this to less stress and adequate sleep.

2. Getting prepared for retirement. I have learned to adjust to limited resources by utilizing coupons, deals, tax breaks and sticking to budget and also finding creative ways and efficiency. Moving forward, this thrifty attitude could help me save more even in good days.

3. You get to experience and discover your locale more. I used to live a stones throw away from the mall but seldom go there while i was working. Now, i live a bit further but i relish going to the mall and hangout in it. You are also able to feel the pulse and trends in the locality for market research purposes.

4. You get to affirm and reject certain plans you have in the past. Such as, getting green card and living in the US is now rejected. That living in Canada, at least from April to October will be target from hereon. The need to start diversification as one enters old age (50s and up).

5. Get to enjoy the laid-back life like never before especially during Spring-Summer.



Its all about the money. Lost income opportunity for not working. Getting rusty and less attractive to employers, which again is about the money. Feeling of uncertainty. Less money gets you constricted and not likely to indulge in expensive stuff.

Other things ive learned is:

Reality is warped. Reality is different if you consider other dimensions such as time, location and scale. For example, if you look at the greater scheme of things, one issue that could have inflamed or distressed anyone is actually quite petty. It probably would take just one alien ship to unite all earthlings (which is probably the reason why aliens are hiding).

There is so much to do. Although I did went into a “mourning phase” where i thought I had nothing else to do. That is until things start to unfold and multiply when you tinker on stuff. Even if one is retired, there are many options of spending one’s time, whether its the expensive or ultra thrifty type. Long live! Viva life!

Diversification to entrepreneurship should be done while employed because doing it while on government assistance means reduction of  your benefits or worse, disqualification. Whereas, venturing to business or training while employed means you get all the income on top of your employment salary.

Ideas change a lot, or crop up all of a sudden, or that overlooked perspectives suddenly become clear.

While Im writing this, my new gameplan is to get another shot of a 5-10 year full time gig. Then transition to a half½ working as accounting consultant from Oct to Mar and as farmer entrepreneur from Apr to Sep.

And since life is short and i have now covered many geographical locations, i will now turn to experience life in different perspectives and will be transitioning to achieve this. Oh my!