Now you see me tee (Yosemite).

“Middle age: That time when you finally get your head together – then your body starts falling apart”. – Anonymous.

Worse part of my mid-life clean up – Cleaning my email accounts.

Better part of my mid-life clean up. – Drinking all the contents of my half-consumed bottles of alcohol.

Yosemite National Park deserves its national park status because:

Where else can you find a valley or strip of land surrounded by high flat faced (not slopey) mountains and these mountains are mostly pure rock. If only the Grand Canyon has a town or village in the middle/under then it can best Yosemite. But staying at Yosemite Valley gives you the pleasure of admiring Half Dome, Yosemite falls and El Capitan throughout your stay while at Grand Canyon, it seems like you are just taking a peek. Yosemite is haven for rock climbers. Amazing to see these professional climbers that are so lean and look like there isnt an ounce of fat in them.

So, I climbed up by 3,000 feet of a trail that is rated strenuous and steep. Did I make an impression on the ranger that im a veteran hiker? Anyways, what an experience and i am amazed at how the trailmakers deviced this upward trail. The shock came when I was about a quarter of the way when I saw people moving up the top of the flat-faced mountain. Then I figured out that you cannot see the trail because it is camouflaged. The zigzag way made it possible to climb this high and make it appear like a hiker’s route and not a mountain climber’s.

My recommendation for going to Yosemite is a 5-day stay.

Day 1 is to set up in a campsite and tour the valley on free shuttles.

Day 2-4 is to do a wilderness hiking and camp out in the wilderness.

Day 5 is to splurge on a hotel room and eat at the fancy restaurants.

Yosemite is also a good deal. Pay only $25 for a 6-hour return trip scenic ride on a comfy transit bus from either Merced or Fresno. The shuttles on the valley is free. Wilderness camping is free. Established campsites charge only $6 per person. Food prices have regular prices with no insane premium. Free fountain water available throughout. No need to buy bottled water.

There are a lot of volunteers in Yosemite that I can only describe as either cranky or crazy. The cranky ones are a pain and im suspecting that some are sociopaths in search of victims. The crazy ones are fun. The most fun was the shuttle driver who turned the bus ride into a one-man show. First criticizing the cranky volunteers, then did a funny tour guide monologue and capped it with a medley of Willie Nelson songs. He only goes quiet when a ranger is visible. Lol.