“Change is good for the soul” – Norma Bates, Bates Motel

Flew China airways to PH and it was OK. My only complaint is that it had a very short leg room. Would have been favourable for an Asian person under 5 feet.

Took the taxi from the airport to Greenbelt. I could not recognize anything and I was dropped in Greenbelt and I have to walk about half a kilometre until I saw a sign giving direction to the Greenbelt chapel. Scary. The good thing is that everything looks better and cleaner.

Wifi is crappy, could not connect, while everyone else doesn’t have a problem. Globe prepaid wont load. Got duped? Paid my real estate tax. Very smooth. Only a five minute transaction. Took the jeep to Guadalupe and fare is only PHP 7. This is lower than it was seven years ago. Prices for Jolibee, Chowking etc. seem the same as it was 10 years ago as well. Guadalupe looks cleaner but got shocked at the tons of pirated materials being sold especially the xxx ones. Years ago, the selling of these adult materials will be inconceivable. Shock turns to amusement as I read the titles of the porn flicks which were creatively funny.

Will be heading to Batangas tonight and then a ferry to Boracay. On paper, this trip is optimum as it combines accomodation and transportation. Arriving at 6am the next day is perfect as well as I will get to spend time in Bora without having to stay at the overpriced Boracay accommodations. I’m thinking of spending the night in Roxas City. I’ve just read an article at Local Wall Street paper that PH should just focus on a “Blue Economy” which is fisheries.